A Slowing Economy: The Dismaying Results of Trade Tension

The IMF cut its forecast for the global economy and predicted that in 2019, the economy will grow at its weakest clip in three years, thanks to the trade tensions and uncertainty in financial markets, slowing demand across the Europe. It’s the IMF’s second downgrade in just three months, and now, IMF predicts 3.5% global […]

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US Recession: Calculated Approximation Or Mere Overestimation?

For quite a while now, there has been ongoing debate whether the world’s largest economy will plunge towards recession in coming years. Various economists have predicted US economy to suffer in 2019 with real possibility of recession in 2020 or later. On contrary, some experts don’t believe that a recession is an immediate threat to […]

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‘2018 in a Nutshell’ – Major Economic Stories and Key Developments

2018 brought several significant economic developments, technological revolutions, business-integrations and political affairs. Like other years, past year was no exception in terms of enhanced laws, regulations and frameworks. Cyber security remained one of the hot topics and yet 2018 saw major tiers of data breaches & security attacks. Users’ privacy and data protection received worldwide […]

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The Second Largest Data Breach: Putting Marriot’s Starwood under the Microscope

The cyber assault of Starwood Hotels and Resorts, that started as far back as 2014, was one of the largest known thefts of personal records, second only to a 2013 breach of Yahoo that affected three billion user accounts and larger than a 2017 episode involving the credit bureau, Equifax. Marriott, has more than 6,700 […]

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The Chinese economy is expected to grow 7 percent in the second half of this year, according to the governor….. […]

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Germany has managed to weather several recent crises well. It escaped the European sovereign debt crisis….. […]

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Artificial Intelligence

We are in the middle of a technological revolution. AI has the potential to fundamentally transform….. […]

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Countries contributing most to Global Growth

The global economy is expected to expand by USD 6.5 trillion in the next 3 years to reach a value of USD 81.5 trillion….. […]

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Case Studies

Global Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) Industry Report

Industry: Telecom and IT

Client: USA based telecom market research company […]

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Market Analysis of Bidding Industry of major English-speaking countries

Industry: Professional Services

Client: UK based professional bidding company […]

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Database of international hotel and restaurant chains of some European Countries

Industry: Hospitality and Leisure

Client: Europe based restaurants/hotels solution provider […]

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Competitor profiling of various Advanced Manufacturing conferences

Industry: Industrial Goods

Client: UK based B2B event organizer […]

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